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The iPC consortium consists of 21 highly qualified industrial and academic partners from a wide variety of backgrounds and from 11 different countries (Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, USA and Australia)


Technical Lead
María Rodríguez Martínez
IBM Research Switzerland

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Scientific Lead
Hans Lehrach
Max-Plank-Institute Germany

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Project Coordinator
Klaus-Michael Koch

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6 May, 2019

Interview Alfonso Valencia

In this video we spoke to Alfonso Valencia from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. He explains his part in the iPC H2020 project which involves using the power of the supercomputer to analyse biological data. Mr. Valencia also touches on the...
22 April, 2019

Interview Diego di Bernardo

In this video we spoke with Diego di Bernardo from the University of Naples Federico II. about his professional background and some broader aspects of the European Commission funded H2020 iPC project which kicked off in January 2019. He also...
1 January, 2019



11 - 12

iPC Technical Meeting


Barcelona, Spain
Internal Project Consortium Meeting

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