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The iPC consortium consists of 21 highly qualified industrial and academic partners from a wide variety of backgrounds and from 11 different countries (Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, USA and Australia)


Technical Lead
María Rodríguez Martínez
IBM Research Switzerland

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Scientific Lead
Hans Lehrach
Max-Plank-Institute Germany

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Project Coordinator
Klaus-Michael Koch

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10 November, 2022

Pathology Meeting

During SIOP 2022, IGTP, organized together with Texas Children’s Hospital the first International Biology/Pathology Meeting in Barcelona on September 30th. The main focus was to discuss the retrospective and PHITT prospective biological and pathological studies with American, Japanese and European...
3 November, 2022

ASCO 2022

At this year’s ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago, our partner DKFZ /KiTZ participated with a poster presentation on “Multiomics analysis of pediatric solid tumors within the INFORM precision oncology study: From functional drug profiling to biomarker identification”, presenting their excellent...
10 October, 2022
26 July, 2022
18 July, 2022



05 - 09

Lorne Proteins 2023


Membrane proteins are a major component of the human proteome and the majority of small molecule pharmaceuticals target membrane proteins. Technological developments in cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) have facilitated breakthroughs in the structural characterisation of membrane proteins and have advanced drug discovery and development. This satellite meeting will bring together experts in cryo-EM of membrane proteins to discuss recent progress within this rapidly advancing field.


10 - 13

64th ASH Annual Meeting


New Orleans
A goal of ASH-organized meetings is to assist physicians and scientists in developing and maintaining academic collaborations that will generate new knowledge, ultimately benefiting patients.


04 - 08

HUPO 2022


This event brings together an extraordinary scientific program with world renowned speakers, a variety of workshops, sessions, training courses, poster sessions, networking opportunities, industry seminars, exhibits and much, much more!

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