Current work of IGTP

7 April, 2021

The third year of iPC project has started and in order to present the current work that each consortium partner is developing, we asked them to summarize the processes that are being done behind the project. This week we present the Institute for Health Science Research Germans Trias i Pujol (IGTP) where Carolina Armengol (Principal Investigator) and Montse Domingo (Project Manager) explains the current work that they are developing within iPC:

“The Childhood Liver Oncology group (@cLOG_Lab) at IGTP (@GTrecerca), the main EU biorepository of samples from childhood liver cancer, is working on identifying biomarkers and new drugs to improve the quality of life and survival of children with liver cancer.
Our studies are focused on performing high-throughput proteomic studies and identifying those patients that could benefit from new drugs identified within the iPC project. We are also working on the development and characterization of new experimental models to test the new drugs.”