EMBO workshop & Canceropole meeting

28 November, 2019

November has been an exciting dissemination time, as it has brought two conferences that couldn’t be missed

The EMBO workshop on Precision Health and the Canceropole meeting. The Precision Health workshop focused on presenting the current status of using our molecular understanding to be applied on disease prevention and personalise treatments. In a similar note, the Canceropole meeting focused on current developments on cancer research and treatments. Both events gathered together scientists working on health and cancer from different perspectives, clinicians and experts on social and ethical implications of precision health and cancer treatments.

Dr. Rosa Hernansaiz-Ballesteros, member of the Saez-Rodriguez group at Heidelberg University and Heidelberg University Hospital (Germany), Institute for Computational Biomedicine, has participated giving a short talk and a keynote lecture in the Precision Health workshop and the Canceropole meeting, respectively. The talks were about how to use footprint methods and network-based approaches to unveil differences between samples/patients. She was describing how to exploit these differences to identify drug treatments and how this approach will be combined with the rest of methodologies developed within the consortium.