European Researchers’ Night

22 October, 2019

For the first time the IGTP has participated in the European Researchers’ Night, part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme, which aims bringing scientists and society together.

European Researchers’ Night takes place on the last Friday in September every year. On Friday, 27 September, nearly 300 cities celebrated with simultaneous free popular science activities bringing research closer to the public. In Catalonia the event went even further than just Friday, with talks at selected schools.

Dr. Carolina Armengol of the Childhood Liver Oncology Group (c-LOG) of the IGTP who participates in two H2020 projects, Children’s Liver Tumour Research Network (ChiLTERN) and individualized Paediatric Cure (iPC), gave different talks at the Cor de Maria School on 30 September about: “What is cancer? Fighting childhood liver cancer from the laboratory”. More than 160 students learnt what cancer is from a biological point of view and how scientists from different countries and different expertise work together at the laboratory with one single goal: to understand this disease to discover better treatments to patients in the future.

Moreover, Dr. Armengol showed to the students some laboratory material with the objective to introduce them to an experimental laboratory. As a result, the students showed a lot of curiosity and filled the talk with a multitude of questions about cancer.