iPC REVIEW Meeting (M19-M36)

8 March, 2022

On 8th March 2022 the iPC review meeting took place. Due to the persistent Covid-19 pandemic the meeting was again held online. During the half-day meeting various presentations were given in order to show the project’s progress during the last 18 months (M19-M36). The current status, the main achievements of all active work packages as well as technical challenges were presented and discussed with the reviewers. There were also presentations of the Tumour Type Working groups:
– Neuroblastoma (NB) working group (lead: PMC)
– Medulloblastoma (MB) working group (lead: DKFZ)
– Hepatoblastoma (HB) working group (lead: IGTP)
– Ewing Sarcoma (EW) working group (lead: CURIE)
– Leukemia working group (lead: UZH, MPG)

Also an outlook for the remaining project year was given and planned activities were presented. Overall, it was a very good meeting and the iPC consortium is looking forward to upcoming project year.