iPC Technical and GA Meeting in Paris

16 January, 2020

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The iPC Technical and General Assembly (GA) Meeting took place on 13th – 14th January 2020 at Institut CURIE in Paris, France, where the iPC consortium had the chance to discuss the project development after the first year. During the meeting, partners presented their research and innovation actions in the field of paediatric cancer. In three plenary discussions, all participants intensively discussed the iPC platform/use cases, Leukaemia and CRISPR. The meeting was completed with two topic-specific keynote talks by Johannes Schulte from Charité Berlin and Olivier Ayrault from CURIE. Moreover, partners further discussed future plans for submitting upcoming deliverables, clarified the next steps for the near future and started the planning of the upcoming review meeting in September 2020. Besides the intense project work, partners could socialize at the common dinner at a traditional French restaurant.