iPC – Workshop on Ethical and Regulatory Issues

3 September, 2020

First session of this WEBINAR!

The Institute of Medical Bioethics and History of Medicine of the University of Zurich held a webinar on ethical and regulatory issues that are relevant for the implementation of the IPC cloud-based data catalogue portal. The webinar was divided into two sessions, each with two speakers, and was addressed to the scientists involved in the IPC project. The topics were selected after the analysis of the results of a survey in which many of you participated. Your feedback informed us what the most relevant ethical and regulatory issues were for you in relation to the project. Based on this information we have created the following program.

In the first Session Dr. Michele Loi spoke about fairness for prediction-based decision and how to train algorithms ethically. Next, Masa Kojic addressed the issue of data protection and data ownership when implementing a cloud-based data catalogue.

The second session will be opened by Dr. Matthias Eggel who will be addressing how to deal with ethical issues when working with chimera mice. The webinar will close with the presentation of Dr. Deborah Mascalzoni, who discussed how to implement a model of dynamic consent for the IPC project.

The iPC project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 826121.

– Presentation of Maša Kojić, MLAW, PhD candidate at the University of Zurich:
“Bringing Data to Life: Data Management for a better patient care”

– Presentaion of Michele Loi, Ph.d. – Institute of Biomedical Ethics and the History of Medicine, University of Zurich:
“Fairness for prediction-based decision and how to train algorithms ethically”