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4 October, 2022

Factsheet 4 – Main Achievements & ongoing work

The fourth iPC factsheet about the main achievements and ongoing work is now available. Much has already been done in the first two project periods to achieve the goal to improve the care of children with cancer and our partners are continuously working in the third project period to solve the mathematical and computational bottlenecks of data- and model-based medicine. Therefore, the fourth iPC factsheet describes the most important achievements so far and the ongoing work in the current project period.

1 September, 2022

Factsheet 3 – iPC Open Source Software

The third iPC factsheet about the iPC Open source software is now available.
It describes 3 of the 25 open source softwares that were developed during the project framework.
The focus will be on INtERAcT, CONSIFER and DECODE, which were developed by our partner IBM.

1 August, 2022

Factsheet 2 – iPC Platforms

The second iPC factsheet about the iPC Platforms is now available. It describes the 5 cloud-based platforms that were developed during the project framework from our partners BSC, XLAB, CHOP, AMC, PMC, DKFZ, UGent and BCM.

4 July, 2022

Factsheet 1 – Tumour Type Working Groups

The first iPC factsheet on Tumour Type Working Groups is now available. It describes the 5 different types of childhood cancer and the work our partners are doing.
The working groups are led by our partners IGTP, DKFZ, PMC, CURIE, UZH and MPG.

3 March, 2020

Press Release

CURIE elaborates on a better understanding of the intratumoral heterogeneity of Ewing sarcoma.

19 July, 2019


Find out more about identifying effective personalized medicine for paediatric cancer in the explanatory video. 

15 April, 2019

iPC Leaflet

The official leaflet of the iPC H2020 project containing Partners, Project Information, Mission, Vision and Goals of the project.

7 March, 2019

Press Release

New European Project Squares off against Paediatric Cancer

The Austrian-managed iPC project is now underway and bringing hope to the children with cancer

1 January, 2019

Announcement Letter

The official announcement letter contains all relevant information about the iPC H2020 project.

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